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Real Talking Balloons

Live out your cartoon fantasies
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I was reading the comics in the paper when I realized that cartoons just wouldn't be as entertaining without the talking balloons (the bubble around their words), so I asked "why don't I have one?" I tried using cardboard but it takes really long to have to write down all the words, and then you can't reuse it (unless you're homeless). I don't know how it could be done, maybe God could help, but I really want a talking balloon.
AfroAssault, Jan 30 2001

Baked http://www.balloonh...nchor-TALKING-33464
(Assuming you read the title of this idea and not the full description.) [TickleMeElmo, Jan 30 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       I'm with ya, dude. I'm not very funny, so maybe that would make people think I was cool. Hmmm. Maybe not.
DreamGoddess, Jan 30 2001

       have a speech bubble shaped screen and voice recognition program that types it up there
technobadger, Jan 30 2001

       Hey, I got edited. Did I say something bad?
RobGraham, Feb 02 2001

       does this include thought bubbles? That would eliminate that pesky "what are you thinking about?" question. Of course it also eliminates the handy ability to answer "just about how much I love you" when you're really thinking about how much you'd rather be watching the game.
buckrogers, Feb 04 2001

       I didn't edit ya, rob. As for all the other questions, I was thinking these would be <ul>real</ul> talking balloons (not cardboard or dry erase) that show up when you start talking, JUST like cartoons.
AfroAssault, Feb 10 2001

       I had a friend once who got hopped up on 'shrooms and was terribly disapointed when nothing happened...   

       Until suddenly she realised that everyone around her was talking in cartoon bubbles...   

       Which means, of course, that it is possible with current technology
davros42, Feb 12 2001

       [admin: AfroAssault, according to halfbakery logs, you *did* delete RobGraham's annotation on Feb 01, 2001. Wouldn't be the world's first accidental deletion, either. If this ever happens with something important, send email and I'll help fix it.]
jutta, Feb 12 2001, last modified Feb 13 2001

       oops, sorry rob. I must have been a little "funny" at the time.
AfroAssault, Apr 06 2001

       no! voice recognition software,and for the pop up/appear when you speak,how about a mechanical flip up thing attatched to a crane you wear
technobadger, Jul 21 2001

       Another disappointment. I thought these would be actual gas-filled plastic/rubber vessels that talked, possibly in a high-pitched helium voice.   

       And I was *really* disappointed, because I thought these would be proper straight-talking balloons, not the namby-pamby sort that are always leading children on adventures of self-discovery and all that shit. I want a balloon that leads me to free beer, and tells me jokes on the way. Sort it. Now.
pottedstu, Sep 28 2001

       //I don't know how it could be done, maybe God could help, but I really want a talking balloon.// hah, now thats something you would not get past Star or bris these days. where is the dear boy, is it all carpet slippers and tv these days?
po, May 17 2002


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