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SMS only simcard

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while sim cards have been used for stuff like telemetry reporting or telistalking, these tend to require buying a totally new sim card.

What if for just one dollar, you can get a sms only sim card attached to your phone account.

If you are worried about abuses, make it so that it can only send sms to your real phone.

The idea with this, is to use the sim card for embedded systems like door locks.

I'm sure there are other uses that can be done with this :0

mofosyne, Jan 25 2011

SMS Only Satellite Communicator http://www.findmespot.com/en/
This isn't baked because it's GPS not cellular, but it is along the same lines. And awesome. I want one. [DIYMatt, Jan 25 2011]


       You can get data-only SIMs. It wouldn't surprise me if SMS-only SIMs were technically possible too.   

       I bet having one account (and one bill) for several SIMs is baked as well.
Wrongfellow, Jan 25 2011

       What [Wrongfellow] said.   

       Widely Known To Exist.
8th of 7, Jan 25 2011

       //The US version of the Galaxy Tab only works for text and data//   

       The iPad is the same way, but this idea isn't about data (at least not in the way existing devices deliver it). SMS is limited to tiny amounts of packet data.
DIYMatt, Jan 25 2011


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