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Real Two-Story Books

all who can read are welcome
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A giant book, two stories tall, that many people can read at once. Perhaps mount it on the side of a skyscraper or billboard. Motorized devices could turn the pages at regular intervals. Even play audio of the text with each for those who can't read.

-- or --

Make the pages of stone and show the book in a way that multiple pages can be seen. Makes a great monument!

kumpf, Apr 14 2005

Bible of Biblical Proportions Bible_20of_20Biblical_20Proportions
by luecke. [calum, Apr 15 2005]

Two-Story Books Enjoy [DesertFox, Apr 15 2005]


       [sp. Storey]
hippo, Apr 14 2005

       Story \Sto"ry\, n.; pl. Stories. [OF. estor['e], estor['e]e, built, erected, p. p. of estorer to build, restore, to store. See Store, v. t.] A set of rooms on the same floor or level; a floor, or the space between two floors. Also, a horizontal division of a building's exterior considered architecturally, which need not correspond exactly with the stories within. [Written also storey.] [1913 Webster]   

       It's great when two people can both be Write! :)
kumpf, Apr 14 2005

DesertFox, Apr 15 2005

       ...or, just have about 300 Burma Shave signs in a row. 'This is our exit, honey.'
'Keep driving. I want to know what happens to Jane...'
RayfordSteele, Apr 15 2005

       [+], especially since it seems to be based on my misunderstanding of [Fox]'s Two-Story Books.
disbomber, Apr 15 2005

       That's great, Rayford. [+]'s all around.
yabba do yabba dabba, Apr 15 2005

       Oh yes, + btw.
DesertFox, Apr 15 2005


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