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Shulgin Labrary

Consciousness sharpening toolkit, @your library
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An open source and simplified Shulgin Lab kit should be provided as a part of a mobile maker space module provided to public libraries.

This is everything you need to build your own unregulated psychedelic designer drugs, in a handy-dandy, fun and cognitively accessible toolkit, with simplified instructions.

JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013

Alexander Shulgin http://en.wikipedia...i/Alexander_Shulgin
[JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013]

Psychonaut / maker trend http://nymag.com/ne...hetic-drugs-2013-4/
[JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013]

Maker Movement in Libraries https://sites.googl...m/site/makermeetup/
[JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013]

3D Printing chemicals as risk to border security http://www.radionz....ity-threat-minister
[4whom, Apr 13 2013]

reminds me of this.... http://www.youtube....watch?v=8bqTBh1yxbM
[4whom, Apr 14 2013]


       is the 2nd word in the title misspelled?
Vernon, Apr 13 2013

       I guess you could have a Shulgin "library" of resurces on how to make your own designer psychedelics, but I was thinking that, in the spirit of the maker movement in libraries, which is to not be biased to one technology over another as the delivery method for the end product which is that people become more engaged with eachother and contribute to the development of the collectice consciousness, that in that spirit, libraries should be providing the tools that are useful in the design of new un-illegal psychedelic consciousness-choosing drugs. So a "labrary" would be an experimental lab space that is open source and designed for the disemination of knowledge.
JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013

       would this have anything to do with a certain NZ politician vocalising the threat of 3D printing to border control?
4whom, Apr 13 2013

       Not sure I heard about that.
JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013

       So border patrol would have to be in the public library too.
JesusHChrist, Apr 13 2013

       I recall going to a labrary in South Carolina some years ago.
whlanteigne, Apr 13 2013

       Quote from the fourth link: "If people could print off ... sheets of Ecstasy tablets at the party they're at at that time, that just completely takes away our border protection role in its known sense." It is very hard to attain such a complete lack of understanding of chemistry without years of dedicated training.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2013

       It could be a good idea except for the fact that the real problem with homemade drugs is in the dosage. People with no knowledge of the substance can easily kill themselves or someone else.
xandram, Apr 15 2013

       //If [hypothetical scenario] then [security-related consequence]//   

       I'm not sure this necessarily implies a misunderstanding of chemistry.
Wrongfellow, Apr 15 2013

       I'm guessing it means that giving people the ability to make their own (not exactly legal, but not illegal, but certainly still unwise) recreational drugs would eliminate drug smuggling...   

       Simpler to simply legalize pot.
whlanteigne, Apr 15 2013


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