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Real time postural information system

For mapping posture against online text
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Whilst wondering if it might be possible to substitute petrol for water in the human body, so if the tank goes empty, you can just ask bystanders to pee it in, and so get to your destination, I came up with a better idea.

I was corrected on whose version of spelling is more authentic, America or British English and I wanted to say "I stand corrected" but obviously I was at the computer so sitting down at the time.

The device is a series of sensors on the joints, that gives an accurate real-time reading of posture. This can then be used in some dynamic HTML-y code to provide real-time-ish indications of user posture, so it would have automatically updated "stand" to "sit".

As a further add-on a sensor head band, with a tilt sensor would be useful. Initially I was thinking of leaning the head to the right to cover "I am inclined" and vice versa for the left. But, realising this would have to be reversed for countries which drive on the other side, then tipping the head forwards would be a more universal "I am inclined to..." and tipping the head back for "I'm not inclined to...".

Obviously this raises its own issues, but by mapping the user location against dental clinics should rule out a fair number of false readings.

I would also suggest am 11pm-8am local time override to avoid those spurious readings from the body moving while asleep.

not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

along the same lines Chat_20Enhancer
[FlyingToaster, Aug 08 2012]


       Having been disinclined (reclined?) to lean upon my understanding of another's position, I shall take a stance and then rest my case.
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2012

       and I'm putting my best foot forward, as you can see from the sensor output...
not_morrison_rm, Aug 08 2012

       //disinclined (reclined?)//   

       The synonym of 'disinclined' (and the antonym of 'inclined') would surely be "clined"?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 08 2012

       This idea will surely sit the test of time, and that's no sit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 08 2012

       Good thing you revised the idea - with the original, seeing people who smoke on their bathroom breaks coming a cropper.
DrCurry, Aug 13 2012

       Not if they a long-standing employees, as you can see from the output of the sensors.   

       And could also be automated to call in the para-osteopaths in the event of poor posture. I can see them now, fast roping down from the chopper to aid someone who's just not sitting right..
not_morrison_rm, Aug 14 2012


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