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The iWedge

level up your new iMac
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The latest version of the iMac comes with several innovations. They have the M1 chip; they're available in a choice of colours; the screens don't sit parallel to the desk surface!

Some people don't like this latest "horizon line deviance" but of course Apple have come to their rescue by producing The iWedge, a precise levelling device. Here's how it works:

stage 1
The customer begins the process by measuring the distance between the bottom right hand edge of their monitor and the desk surface, then repeating the exercise with the left hand side edge's equivalent. Any deviation between the two measurements confirms that the screen does not sit parallel with the desk's surface.

stage 2
The customer sends these figures to Apple who calculate the exact size and angle of the wedge required to insert on one side of the supporting stand in order to level off the monitor.

stage 3
The customer specifies the colour of wedge required and the payment method to cover the $499 cost of precision making the customised iWedge, featuring engraved text of the exact angle along with the Apple logo.

xenzag, Jun 21 2021

https://www.macrumo...-crooked-mountings/ [xenzag, Jun 21 2021]


       //innovations... available in a choice of colours//   

       Apple design staff really earning their money I see.
bs0u0155, Jun 21 2021


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