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Reality Court Room TV

Hierarchy eradication scheme
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There should be a high tech reality court room where everyone is naked and plugged into the grid as much as possible so cases can be decided based on biofeedback data and so that artificial intelligence can learn how people lie under pressure. It would be like the modern day Colosseum. You could start this as a series of three way gladiatorial fights between famous trios of people who have a red blue and green thing going on, for instance, Michael Moore, Anderson Cooper and Donald Trump. Anderson Cooper would start as the judge but the other two would collude to overpower him and from there it would be a fight to the death with random weapons assigned based on audience voting. It could be a 3 way gay porno snuff film where the love turns to violence, totally recorded from every perspective, inside and out, for later VR experiencing and AI analysis. A smart-device-based-voting system could be prototyped in the deal and maybe we would come away with a real way to vote online. It could be a reality series like that karaoke car thing but aimed at leveling the playing field in a series of celebrity 3 way relationships where two opposites are competing and a third is mediating. Eventually everyone would get their 15 minutes and there would be no more hierarchy.
JesusHChrist, Jul 09 2017


       I was just thinking exactly this!   

       No; actually I was thinking about making pancakes using blueberry yogurt instead of buttermilk. But close enough.
bungston, Jul 09 2017

       I see opportunity for about half a dozen paragraph breaks, but that would take away from the beauty of the idea.
normzone, Jul 09 2017

       // It could be a 3 way gay porno snuff film //   

       Should I?
notexactly, Jul 12 2017

       This show marks the formal end of Western Civilization as it once was.
RayfordSteele, Jul 13 2017


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