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Really-Lazy-Boy Recliner

It’s not a chair it’s a lifestyle
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The trouble with most recliners is that eventually you have to get up. Not with the Really-Lazy-Boy recliner. It’s not a chair it’s a lifestyle.

Features include: noise canceling headrest, armrest controls for TV, window shades and door locks, beer refrigerator, snack pantry, microwave, Porta-Potty and shaving mirror.

What’s that you say, “But I’ll never get out of the house.” Au contraire, the Really-Lazy-Boy Recliner comes in a Get-a-way model that is mounted on an electric scooter for easy trips to the beer distributor.

theGem, Oct 25 2008

Moxy Fruvous: The Lazy Boy (youtube video) http://www.youtube....1&artist_id=2902563
I mean to reference the Moxy Fruvous song, not the amateur music video - although it is kind of charming. [jutta, Oct 25 2008]

Phyiscal Internet physical_20internet
Marvellous. [8th of 7, Oct 25 2008]


       Excellent. [+].   

       May we suggest an interface with the Physical Internet ? <link>
8th of 7, Oct 25 2008

       Coming in a feature model. As well as big fuzzy dice for the Get-a-way model.
theGem, Oct 25 2008


       There is still hygiene to consider, (I hope) and for this you're really-lazy-boy will be obsolete the second our Lazy-Buoy 3000 hits the market.
It's patented dehumidifying -water -extraction/purification and subsequent greywater -rehumidifier, coupled with our water-tight inversion deign allows for bathing with no pesky plumbing attachments.

       //Phyiscal // wot?
po, Oct 25 2008

       SP. fixed.
8th of 7, Oct 25 2008

       Like in WALL-E?
Eugene, Oct 26 2008

       //There is still hygiene to consider, (I hope) and for this you're really-lazy-boy will be obsolete the second our Lazy- Buoy 3000 hits the market.//   

       [2 fries] 3000 is that the number of dumps one can take before flushing?
theGem, Oct 26 2008

       Homer Simpson beat you to this this many years ago.
ldischler, Oct 26 2008

       Is he French?
theGem, Oct 26 2008

       The catheter option 'is' rather costly.   

       //Come jump ship, lazy boys!//   

       You obviously didn't do your market research the target market is way too lazy to do any jumping off ships.
theGem, Oct 29 2008


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