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Privacy Chair

Need a snooze at work? The privacy chair creates the perfect environment...
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Ever sitting at your desk, eyes drooping, need a quick snooze.

Privacy chair has a soft pair of winglike structures made of foam and covered in a warm fleecy lining, normally held in place at the back of the chair.

When the snooze gene kicks in, flick the switch and the privacy wings move around to the front and enclose you in a warm, cocoon like, embrace. Supporting your head and keeping you warm.

Snuggle up and let the ZZZzzz's flow free until your refreshed.

A flick of the switch and the wings gently fold back behind the chair again.

Micky Dread, Jul 15 2005

Retreat Pod http://www.futurehi...s/Retreat_Pods.html
Given a large enough cubicle, you might just want to throw a Retreat Pod in the corner. (Circa 1970) [jurist, Jul 15 2005]

Egg Chair http://www.elixa.co...alphachairRepro.htm
Space Age Egg Chair with stereo speakers, if you're really serious about wanting your privacy, but only have room for one chair in your cubicle. You may need to adjust your desk height to improve this chair's practicality. [jurist, Jul 15 2005]


       Terrific. Now only if some office would actually buy some.
Acme, Jul 15 2005

       Office? I want one for the car.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 15 2005

       Great idea! I'm a big advocate of power-naps and this would allow them to be taken at your desk in comfort...
Minimal, Jul 15 2005

       This kinda frightens me.
waugsqueke, Jul 15 2005

       //This kinda frightens me// Call it a snug-hug chair. There now - not so frightening, is it?
coprocephalous, Jul 15 2005


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