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Sized-matched cheese+biscuits

A perfect harmony between biscuity stuff and cheese.
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Your average consumer is a lazy bastard.

I think a high-sales potential product would be a packet of biscuits (preferably in an odd shape, hexagonal perhaps?) and pre-sliced pre-cut cheese that is exactly the same size as the biscuit.

Even better if they are packed in one long tube with a biscuit-cheese-biscuit interleave pattern.

ltempt, Dec 04 2003


       of course there are biscuits that have a cream cheese centre between them but this is quite novel. I'd like a wrapped pickled onion at each end..   

       nice 1st itempt!
po, Dec 04 2003

       The cheese and the biscuits could interlock like the pieces of wood in a joint; this would stop the cheese slipping off when you hold the biscuit at an angle. Fairly pointless but slightly amusing. I would be surprised if size-matched biscuits weren't already baked though.
dobtabulous, Dec 04 2003

       Cheesy TUC biscuits have some cheese paste or other sandwiched between two crackers and are alright, I suppose, if you're desperate for a hit. I'm gonna have to bone this idea though because it disregards the pleasure that is to be had from having a *choice* of decent, real cheeses and various crackers. Any cheese being used for this idea would have to be capable of being stored in a biscuit packet for up to a few months without going hard/sweating/going mouldy. This would inevitably lead to it having to be processed muck, full of preservatives and other gunk. Yuk.   

       I'll stick to my tangy, creamy, fluffy sheeps cheese with the edible, velvety rind and my Shropshire Blue , thanks all the same.
squeak, Dec 04 2003

       Oh, and welcome to the HB [ltempt].
squeak, Dec 04 2003


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