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Realtime Stockmarket TopTrumps

Play top trumps with an uptodate ftse 100
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Print out the FTSE 100 shares with categories like Shareprice, recent movement, Market Cap, % Change, P/E, Dividend etc.

This could then be bought by City traders to play with while down the pub. Obviously the deck would be out of date by the end of the day, but here is the beauty of it, we all know traders can afford to buy a new pack daily. There is money to be made by a halfbaker out there...

PainOCommonSense, Mar 13 2012

Sort of baked http://www.trumperama.co.uk/
Build your own for ~£20 I am tempted now... [PainOCommonSense, Mar 14 2012]

1000 copy version http://www.zyan.co....otional-trumps.html
Cheaper at £2,300 for £1,000 but a little bit more of a risk starting to feel like a stock broker.? [PainOCommonSense, Mar 14 2012]


       Then why are we all hanging around in here?
Alterother, Mar 13 2012

       On a slightly different twist,perhaps regular 52 card decks based on the FTSE 100 broken into industry sectors for suits. Presumably some sectors would struggle to make up the 13 cards for each suit, so FTSE 100 would roughly work.   

       Oil & Gas & Mining = Spades Banking & Finance = Clubs Consumer Products = Diamonds Pharma & Services = Heats
PainOCommonSense, Mar 16 2012


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