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Personal Shareholders

sell shares in your own financial future
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Your own personal IPO today! Call your parents and friends today to tell them that they can have all the money you owe them converted into stocks in you. If you are going to be rich one day they will get their share.

On your website anyone can buy stocks using Paypal and so on, instead of just giving you money for the shareware or other nice things you produce.

Every 3 months they can read about your financial situation in a newsletter. Forum on your website for analysts to speculate on your future.

Don't take it personal if your parents sell their shares in you to their neighbours.

At breakfast your son says to you: "Go to work now! I want a better ROI on my investments in you."

rrr, Aug 15 2004

Bowie Bonds http://www.ex.ac.uk...ian/bowiebonds.html
Named after David Bowie, who entered the securities market in 1997 to the tune of $55m. [jutta, Oct 04 2004]


       This reminds me of a freshman writing assignment in university, where we had to write a business year-end report on ourselves.   

       I remember particularly seeing one from a sorority girl with lists of men and the business terms 'transactions.' Was that sex, or dates, or something inbetween?   

       Wonderfully nefarious.
adamosity, Aug 15 2004

       I wouldn't want to end up being the only person who doesn't have any shares left in my own financial future!   

       This idea is baked. It is the basis of loan interest rates, and plenty of businesses will by debt.   

       //Don't take it personal if your parents sell their shares in you to their neighbours//   

       [parents] "Nice try! Now get a job if you want some money." besides parents would rather yell at you besides letting strangers do it.   

       Sorry, baked. fishbones
Around TUIT, Aug 15 2004

       I've done this. Although, I set an expiry date on them.
Detly, Aug 15 2004


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