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Rebakery (Archive)

What to do with the Independently baked
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There are many times, as I've often done when I come up with a brilliant idea (i.e. kevlar underwear, or taser-proof vest) only to find that despite my usual google search, someone points out that it is already fully baked.

Other times, someone has already half-baked the idea.

Yet other times, the idea was originally half-baked, only to be fully baked later.

In these cases, it would be nice if there were a button to send ideas to a separate (semi-hidden) archive (a rebakery) to keep my main listings truly half-baked. I hate to delete posts that often contain great and witty responses...as well as a way to keep track of how often my ideas were post-original, despite my purest intentions.

ShawnBob, May 28 2010

Halfbaked patents Half-baked_20patents
like this? [bungston, May 28 2010]

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       This isn't a new idea ...
8th of 7, May 28 2010

       I would leave the original posting, but acknowledge the subsequent baking of your scheme by another, and close the anno with an intemperate demand that the one who baked the idea acknowledge you as its father by forking over a percentage of the take, or at least a Tshirt.
bungston, May 28 2010

       C:\Documents & Settings\FlyingToaster\Dang Time Traveling IP Thiefs
FlyingToaster, May 28 2010


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