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Takes all the SourceForge projects that are acting as place holders and transfers them to the Halfbakery ubtil somebody actually does something...
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How many times have you been looking for an OpenSource project to meet need XYZ, searched SourceForge, and got excited to find exactly what you needed. Only to be disappointed when you get to the project homepage and the ever annoying "This project has not released any files..." message. I say SourceForge creates a bot that scans its projects and if a specified amount of time passes after a project is proposed, it automatically shifts the project to the HalfBakery, as that's what it is, an idea, not a project. When someone actually writes some code, it automatically transfers back...
Novysan, Oct 26 2005

SourceForge http://sourceforge.net/
Home page for the site [Novysan] is describing. [jurist, Oct 26 2005, last modified Oct 27 2005]


       So we're the garbage dump of the software community now?
Worldgineer, Oct 26 2005

       + but only if it's not the HB.
silverstormer, Oct 26 2005

       No, not a garbage dump, just a better place to hold an IDEA and perhaps give it more exposure.
Novysan, Oct 27 2005

       The horror!
ldischler, Oct 27 2005


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