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Resonance HB Shakedown

A real shakedown
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[linkie] got me thinking about resonance, especially the part about shaking the brooklyn bridge.

To gain money for the HB, I propose that we stick (hide) a self adjusting resonance creator (see link, like that idea), high-powered, on various bridges and buildings. We then warn people and demand 2 things.

Money, and a shrubbery.

Money goes to the HB, shrubbery is shared, and the buildings stay up.

The obvious advantages:

We all get rich. And a shrubbery.

DesertFox, Jan 19 2006

(?) Resonance creator http://www.dotanltd.com/olivesi.html
and shrubbery [Worldgineer, Jan 19 2006]

Handheld Resonator Handheld_20Resonator
[DesertFox, Jan 19 2006]


       Love the choice of category.   

       What would happen if some aspiring evil genius comes across this page and decides it's a good idea though?
hidden truths, Jan 19 2006

       Superglue a brick to the side of all four wheels for your car and drive over it... and get your friends to do the same.
Dub, Jan 19 2006

       buggar, I thought it was romance.
po, Jan 19 2006

       [Worldgineer] that link is pretty neat.
DesertFox, Jan 19 2006

       Quickly misread title as "renaissance"... until the second paragraph I thought this was about rogue fair participants mobbing the bridge on behalf of HB. Either would work, I like shubbery as much as the next. +
Zuzu, Jan 20 2006

       Dear [Desertfox],   

       The most important thing about demanding money is that you specify how much money. Or they will give you huppence and be done with you. I would hold out for at least tuppence if I were you.
zeno, Jan 20 2006

       Is Homeland Security still twitchy about taking photos of bridges? Perhaps they were worried that the synchronised clatter of shutters could start a resonance.

Can I have a rockery instead?
coprocephalous, Jan 20 2006


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