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Recent halfbakisms as RSS feed

Make recent appear as rss feed
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What better way to liven up the old ticker?
cloudface, Sep 06 2004

RSS link tag documentation. http://diveintomark...nge_to_the_link_tag
Doesn't look very official, but there you go. [caspian, Dec 18 2004]

Recent RSS Bakeries http://www.halfbake...ries:t=RECENT_20RSS
[Dub, Dec 16 2010]


       Baked on the views page.
waugsqueke, Sep 06 2004

       Fairly widely known to exist. Although it could have a default rss feed embedded in the default view if [Jutta] ever got bored.

(note: m-f-d removed)
neilp, Dec 07 2004

       Can you point me to documentation on that? This is some sort of <link...> tag I could be adding to a page to map a non-RSS page to its RSS equivalent?
jutta, Dec 17 2004

       I've put up the link I found. It looks consistent with the html link definition and slashdot and mozillazine's use of it.   

       The syntax is basically: <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Recent Halfbakery posts (RSS)" href="url/to/rss/file"> and it goes inside the <head> </head> tags. Title is up to you, some just have "RSS" but more descriptive is nice if it's easy. href needs to be set properly of course.   

       When done, it makes it easy to bookmark the feed from Firefox. I'm not sure what else supports it.
caspian, Dec 18 2004

       Thanks for the pointer! See if it works roughly as you expected.
jutta, Dec 18 2004

       Yeah! Works great. Thanks!
caspian, Dec 18 2004

       wow - thanks [Jutta], this really is baked now.
neilp, Dec 18 2004

       [neilp], on your mfd call . . . I'd prefer to keep this one around, please.
bristolz, Jan 04 2005

       I read that rss is "really simple syndication" but I am not clear what it does for the HB or how people are using it to view the HB. Enlightenment?
bungston, Jan 28 2005

       Ditto. ?
skinflaps, Jan 28 2005

       In Firefox, on an RSS enabled page, I can click on some little orange button in the status bar which will add a bookmark to my, well, bookmarks. The RSS bookmarks will themselves expand to reveal various links therein.   

       For example, I can bookmark my "recent" view, and access 25 or so recent ideas straight from the menu. I can see whether any have been churned to the top without having to load a whole page.   

       It's all very exciting.
Detly, Jan 28 2005

       This sounds interesting and potentially quite useful. I wish I had the time to learn what it is all about. Anyone got a link to a decent explanation of RSS?
wagster, Jan 29 2005

       {Linky} (Wonders if others see this, or if views are pesonal)
Dub, Dec 16 2010

       It worked for me. I now have a "Halfbakery" menu in my browser toolbar. Thanks! [+]
Wrongfellow, Dec 16 2010


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