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Reclaimed CO2

For every power generator that emits CO2, build an air condensor to reclaim dry ice...
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Then find uses for dry ice.... um, like refrigerating things.

But I guess one drawback is you'll get a lot of liquid O2, and then air might not be free....

mhh5, May 27 2001

Carbon dioxide sequestration http://biodiversity...ews/october/46.html
by adding iron to the ocean [phoenix, May 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Carbon dioxide sequestration: The Quickening http://www.ornl.gov/fossil/FEP_NGCS.html
yet even more ways to sweep that stuff under the rug [phoenix, May 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

solution to pollution? http://www.newscien...ate.jsp?id=22232500
its taken a long time but i finally got hold of the link [chud, May 27 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Those refrigerators will consume power; I think you need to burn more carbon to run the coolers than you will save.   

       If you use the dry ice to refrigerate things, that means it will evaporate, returning the carbon to the air.   

       Even if you do get liquid O2 (which you won't -- CO2 freezes at a much higher temperature than O2 liquefies), you could just evaporate it again.   

       "Carbon sequestration" is real, but this is not how to do it.
egnor, May 27 2001

       Funny, isn't it--what you want to do is capture the CO2 and then remove a whole bunch of the heat from it so that it solidifies. Seems like you'd also reclaim the energy removed from the CO2 but unfortunately egnor's completely correct: to create a temperature gradient you have to do work on the system. Like they say, you not only can't win, you can't break even either.
Dog Ed, May 28 2001

       better idea - being baked   

       i saw an article in 'new scientist' where someone was developing the idea of a chemical that would be stored in big 'ponds' and would combine with excess CO2 to form a solid which would sink to the bottom to be recycled - no refridgeration or mechanical activity involved (apart from removing the sediment obviously)   

       i will post a link if i can find one
chud, May 28 2001

       i cant find a link but i can remember that if an area equivalent to the size of idaho was covered then it would neutralise the whole world's carbon emmisions   

       maybe instead of Kyoto there could be a law where all industries/businesses had to build enough of these to neutralise their carbon output - but that would completely screw developing businesses/countries
chud, May 28 2001

       // Duh. Plant a tree.//   

       Trees only remove a lot of CO2 from the air when they're growing quickly. Since many older trees don't grow all that much, they don't on net remove much CO2 either [when leaves fall off the tree and decompose, they typically end up releasing the CO2 that was 'captured' in their production].   

       The way to use biomass to sequester CO2 is to grow lots of fast-growing trees or other plants, cut them down once they stop growing as fast, bury them in a landfill, and plant more.
supercat, Jun 25 2001

       Added link for chud.
phoenix, Jul 13 2001

angel, Jul 13 2001

       Sorry about that angel, my system crashed prior to adding the link, and I just went to bed figuring it could wait until this morning.
phoenix, Jul 13 2001

       I read an idea on newscentist about pumping canbon dioxide into the ocean... they reconed it would stay there for hundreds of years... they werent sure about what it would do to the ocean though...
RobertKidney, Jul 13 2001

       ok heres my idea that i had on the way home today   

       power these with photovoltaics (if the power needed is small enough then they could be suspended above the substance to save space)   

       then use the methanol to power gas turbine generators and use the heat from the turbines to boil water for a steam turbine and this would be a fairly clean method of power generation?   

       if there is any surplus power from the photovoltaics use this to drive fans on dust/other nasty stuff filters
chud, Sep 28 2001


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