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Read a Newspaper, Plant a Tree

Raise newspaper price, profits ploughed into planting trees
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How many trees are cut down to make newspapers? In an effort to offset this deforestation, all the major newspapers for one day in the year, could add just 1c / 1p to their price. Admittely, it would take a major mind shift for all the newspapers to get together and agree on a price rise for one day, but hey, you never know.

Anyway, the profit from the action could be pooled together and ploughed straight back into a fund specifically created to plant trees. If all the major newspapers did it, then it would create a level playing ground, price wise, for that one day and no customer would defect to another paper on price. Even if just one newspaper took the initiative for one day, it would help.

Of course, not reading the newsaper in the first place would be the best thing for saving trees.

NumboJumbo, Sep 23 2007


       In Europe we already plant 2 trees for every one we cut down, that's why forests have risen by 25% since 1970 in Europe.
Germanicus, Sep 23 2007

       This is a tree planting campaign - not exactly new.   

       No mention of recycled newsprint and sustainable forest management? Wouldn't that be a much more obvious way of preserving trees?   

       I don't think that people would defect to another newspaper based on a 1c/1p increase on one day. Journalism isn't a commodity.
jutta, Sep 23 2007

       If we started using hemp for the pulp and paper industry, governments could sell the buds to pay for all the tree planting you could stand, with a tidy profit to boot.   

       Hey maybe our taxes would even go down.   

       'A deforested area that is 'planted' is still pretty much deforested'   

       This assumes that the wood for newpapers comes from virgin forests, which I very much doubt it does. I'm pretty sure it comes from planted pine forests, which of course also makes this idea redundant.
marklar, Sep 24 2007

       I think pretty much all pulpwood (in North American and Europe at least) is plantation grown pine and poplar. Not for ecological reasons, but simply because it is cheaper to collect and process when the trees are all the same age and size, all in neat rows, and all are within a short distance from a logging road.
Galbinus_Caeli, Sep 24 2007


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