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Recoiling sprayer attachment

For sinks with no sprayers
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Similar in size to a Brita-brand (registered property of Brita Worldwide) filter, this device screws into place on your kitchen tap to replace the aerator.

It consists of a length of collapsible hose within a spooler, and a handheld sprayer unit. Two and a half feet of hose should be more than enough.

Flipping a switch on the unit partially closes the tap opening and diverts a portion of the water into the sprayer.

When the switch is thrown back, the water is un-diverted and flows uninterrupted through the main tap. At the same time, a port in the bottom of the unit opens, allowing it to drain out and allowing the spring to re-spool the hose.

Available in white, black, white, or black.

shapu, Jun 14 2006

Sink Sprayer head http://www.hardware...199158_front200.jpg
Take one of these.... [shapu, Jun 14 2006]

Recoiling hose http://www.dog.com/Prod_Images/P37387.jpg
Attach it to something like this [shapu, Jun 14 2006]

Tap-attach filter http://www.waterfil...u/images/brita2.jpg
If packaged right, it won't be any bigger than this [shapu, Jun 14 2006]

Replacing a faucet http://www.lowes.co...pair/RepFaucet.html
And then I won't have to do any of this to get a sprayer [shapu, Jun 14 2006]


       So much I don't understand.
Texticle, Jun 14 2006

       //So much I don't understand.// - say your sprayers and don't recoil from your attachments - from the "Deep Wisdom of Otherwise Dull Kitchen Appliances" series
xenzag, Jun 14 2006

       there was a joke here, but it didn't work.
tcarson, Jun 14 2006

       [texticle]: See links.
shapu, Jun 14 2006


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