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kitchen sink percussion section

in a kitchen orchestra
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Sinks are made in a wide variety of shapes and out of various materials. The double stainless steel version could be played with wooden spoons. Other shapes and materials might respond to other utensils. The sinks could be suspended from a framework at waist height to the musician. Pots and pans and boxes of dry pasta could have their own section.
cudgel, Jun 03 2014

Cookin' Nanta http://www.saigon-g..._Art/2012/7/102019/
[xandram, Jun 04 2014]

Henry Dagg Kitchen Symphony http://showcase.the.../kitchen-symphonies
this link doesnt work but Henry Dagg's Kitchen Symphony was played on instruments made of various speed recordings of kitchen sounds on reel to reel tape. Wish it was online it was an amazing piece. [JesusHChrist, Jun 04 2014]


       + I love this idea for my home. There are people who do this for the public. [see link]
xandram, Jun 04 2014


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