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Kitchen Toilet

Hygienic cistern and flush system for kitchen sink
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In my steady ferrying of edibles and potables up and down stairs, I often consider the consequences of attempting to rinse crockery and other utensils in the lavatory, which would of course be dire. However, technically the water which comes out of the system is supposed to be clean, so the problem is primarily that we use the toilet for other purposes.

This is not a particularly ecologically sound idea. Nonetheless, consider the possibilities of having what is functionally speaking a toilet sans seat plumbed in next to the usual basin in the kitchen. Take plates with leftovers, dentures, whatever you need to sluice with assorted detritus, place it in the "toilet" pan and flush. The dishes or other bits are hygienically rinsed prior to oral reinsertion or dishwasher or sink action, and the scraps are filtered further down before they reach the U-bend, allowing them to be removed and disposed of. Water then either drains into the water system or is pumped to the bathroom where it's reused to fill the real toilet cistern, thereby making it somewhat more economical regarding water use.

nineteenthly, Jul 11 2021

Sluice, slop-sink https://www.google....mgrc=k9CCPWqkqAHSSM
…as seen in hospitals [Frankx, Jul 15 2021]


       I don't see why everything should not be replaced with single-function flush toilets. Watering the plants, your morning shower, car wash, hey even refuelling the car (replace water with petrol). Those industrial coffee machines that barristers use could be replaced with flush-lavatories, the cistern fitted with a heating element and a filter unit inserted into the downpipe.
pocmloc, Jul 11 2021

       I like your thinking [pocmloc]. Toilets for all. In the meantime the actual toilet could be redesigned so that it's completely different.
nineteenthly, Jul 11 2021

       Having a set of 9 toilets each with the cistern at a different height and therefore a different length downpipe and you could play bagpipe tunes on the flushes.
pocmloc, Jul 11 2021

       This too would be a great and melodious joy. I am flushed with success.
nineteenthly, Jul 11 2021

       //This too would be a great and melodious joy//   


       A bagpipe of lavatories   

       Insane genius.   

       Original idea -> every hospital ward has one of these - a “sluice”
Frankx, Jul 15 2021

       A bit off topic, but I've always wanted a garburator, (food scrap blender for your sink drain) that shunts that water to spray on a compost pile.   

       Why waste it?   

       [2 fries shy of a happy meal]; over here, there is city-council "green waste" collection, which (I suspect) is why kitchen sink blenders (In-Sink-Erator is the main brand here) are far less common than they used to be. I don't know anyone who has one.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 16 2021

       They used to be illegal to install in the Okanagan. Something to do with seeds getting into the orchards.   

       "No person shall affix or install a household garbage grinder, garbage disposal unit or garburator of any nature or kind to any plumbing system so that the waste therefrom is discharged into the sanitary sewer system."   

       I still think it would be an elegant solution to getting rid of compostable refuse so that first off the landfill would reek way less, secondly methane production would reduce, and thirdly raccoons and other trash bandits wouldn't be drawn to the smell of your garbage.   

       ...and fourthly your garden would love it.   


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