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Recorded service

Because we don't always trust people...
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Last week I gave my laptop for repair and at the back of my mind I was thinking about what these guys actually do behind closed doors. If I can’t trust the person I find it hard to give them my business, but my laptop did need repair and so I was stuck. But I have the same trust issue with car repair shops where I am never really sure what those people do and if they actually work hard to solve my problem. It would be nice if after I got my car from the garage or my laptop from the repair place I got access to a website with an online stream of the repair process. As a customer I would really value this and I am sure the owner shouldn’t have anything to hide. In fact we could even have a real time web cam thingie.... just like in child care. I know this seems like a big deal but I consider my laptop very valuable and such a service could put me at ease. It could also be a way companies differentiate themselves.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 28 2006


       I'm not sure of this but does Jiffy Lube do something like this? They have little cameras in their shop and they always call out things as they do them.   

       I like the idea. +
jhomrighaus, Dec 28 2006

       [boysparks] your laptop repair idea variation is good.
nomadic_wonderer, Dec 28 2006


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