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Robot Eye Exams

Making eye exams cheaper
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So for those one and two "required" eye exams that we all know aren't actually necessary: have an automated apparatus in a booth that examines you, analyzes your eyeball and vision and grants you a renewed prescription for contacts and/or glasses.
bammin, Jun 02 2015

Kaggle: Diabetic Retinopathy Detection https://www.kaggle....tinopathy-detection
Kaggle is an organisation that hosts competitions designed to solve problems - one such problem is the automated detection of retinal problems (most often) caused by diabetes. [zen_tom, Jun 09 2015]


       I'm diabetic. The "required" annual eye exams are actually very important, and a robot wouldn't be able to detect the changes in my eyes that cause blindness.
whlanteigne, Jun 02 2015

       There is no way that an algorithm would be unable to detect differences in changes to your eye. In fact, it could immediately compare your eye to a billion other eyes and find trends that a human is simply incapable of finding.
bammin, Jun 02 2015

       This is completely baked - even commonplace. Most opticians nowadays have a machine that simultaneously images your retina and (by projecting a light into the eye) measures your refractive error. So, [marked-for-deletion]: widely known to exist.   

       According to my optician, they could (if necessary) use this machine alone to work out your ideal prescription. In China (he told me) they do just that - no eye charts needed. The advantage of eye charts is that they give the eye a chance to adapt, whereas the imager just measures refractive errors at a "neutral" focus.   

       Old joke: A Polish guy is in an eye exam. "Can you read the third line?" asks the optician. "Read it??" says the Pole, "I know him!"
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 02 2015

       //Robot Eye Exams   

       I thought it was going to be something like this.. ------------   

       Optician : What does it say on line 2?   

       Robot: 00001111 00111110 and....that looks like 10101010?   


       or more like smaller and smaller QR codes?
not_morrison_rm, Jun 02 2015

       These should be coin operated machines on the Subway platform or in the restroom. Someplace where people are killing time. Like just outside the long lines at the department of motor vehicles.   

       Would be a handy aide to pickpockets, unless a door like a phone booth kept others hands out of your pockets while your eyes are covered.
popbottle, Jun 02 2015

       Wow, [bammin], you're my neighbor in Escondido !   

       As for the " that we all know aren't actually necessary " statements like that are usually the beginning to the conclusion that they are.   

       I've had the laser scan, and did not like the glasses produced using it. A couple of years later my optometrist told me it was not popular and he's quit using it.
normzone, Jun 03 2015

       See link for the state of the art in motion - and talking of which; Is anyone interested in running a small Kaggle team to have a crack at earning some hard cash? I can do rudimentary data transformation and a bit of easy maths, but would love to collaborate and learn from people with other skills.   

       The winning team on the Diabetic Retinopathy competition are producing results of 84% against the test data, so there's still lots to play for! Only 48 days to get a better score.
zen_tom, Jun 09 2015


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