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Sink-grinders compulsory?
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In my dream-house I've always wanted an in-sink disposal unit re-designed to trap and divert the solids output into a delivery system to the compost bins.

Gravity and a large-bore hose would suffice for upper level kitchens but a slush-pump would be needed should there be no fall.

Thinking big I see a future in which cities make disposal units wtih the bypass system compulsory for new housing, and for existing and new commercial food-consumption and processing sites.

Currently huge amounts of uneaten food and preparation scraps go into unmodified sink disposal units at these sites and into overloaded sewers.

Where there are no units the food waste goes into rubbish bins direct, on its way on overloaded roads to overloaded landfills.

I see transport savings, sewage processing savings, compost sale savings, and a whole lot of new business short and long-term for supply and servicing of the by-pass equipment.

Already in use somewhere? Done a web search.

Technically unworkable? Probably.

rayfo, May 18 2001

Connects to the toilet as well http://www.sfu.ca/e...answers/compost.htm
All your waste are... [angel, May 18 2001]

"Grey water" disposal http://www.halfbake...water_22_20disposal
Same idea. [phoenix, Oct 09 2002]




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