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Red Light Speed Bumps

Thwart Red-light runners with some instant rough road
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Red-light runners really need to be abated. Most often, law enforcement will not bother to pull one of those heathens over unless it is near the end of the month, a real situation occurs, or their missus gave them an earful on their way out the door.

On traffic lights turning red, an in-ground mechanism is activated that pops the foremost crosswalk strip (or other similarly situated strip of road) up about 4" (10cm). This is enough to cause a seriously bumpy jolt to the driver, warning him that he is a law-breaker. Rather than immediate repercussions, repeated offenses would damage either the tire or wheel (or both). A determined driver could still stop, ease over the bump, and make a right hand turn if traffic was clear. Said bump would not be sloped as typical speed bumps, rather the faces would be within 5-10 degrees of vertical.

The instant speed bump would need to be capable of supporting about 50 tons to deter even the largest semis. Of course they would be RFID equipped to allow emergency vehicles to pass safely.

Said bump would occupy the entire roadbed width to also deter hard-core cyclists.

Also effective (with modified timing) on metered freeway entrances.

Similar but a bit less aggressive than [ejs] idea (see link).

bdag, Sep 22 2009

Ejs idea Pop-Up_20Severe_20T...d_20Light_20Runners
Spikes for Red Light Runners [bdag, Sep 22 2009]

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       I would have thought the last thing you would want to do to someone running a red light is remove their ability to brake effectively!
MikeOliver, Sep 22 2009

       heck, just put tir... oh <link>
FlyingToaster, Sep 22 2009

       Square wheel thing? No, no, we are not modifying the car. No pi involved...
bdag, Sep 22 2009


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