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remote vehicle detector traffic lights

have vehicle detectors *before* the traffic lights
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Traffic lights usually have vehicle presence detectors on each road of the intersection. The traffic lights are triggered once there is a vehicle stopped at the first position on one of the roads. This works fine when there is a moderate amount of traffic about, but can be irritating when the roads are completely empty.

If the vehicle presence detectors were placed as far down the road as possible (but after any turn-offs) and could detect a moving vehicle, the traffic lights could programmed to be much nicer to the late night driver.

xaviergisz, Feb 07 2006

Speed_20controlling_20lights [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 07 2006]

Motorcycles and 'stuck' lights http://www.msgroup.org/TIP148.html
DeliveranceRiverBoatCaptain - FYI [ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 07 2006]

As baked by 2 fries signal_20changer
[ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 07 2006]


       I hate it when the damn weight sensors don't recognize my motorcycle, and I have to run a red light and risk getting a ticket.   

       Big bun.   

       This actually exists in some states and municipalities. In my area there is a highway that is about 30 miles long and almost no curves. The traffic light sensors are placed in pavement at least a quarter-mile to a half-mile before the intersection so if you are driving down the road early one weekend morning you can go straight through without having to stop.
Jscotty, Feb 07 2006


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