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Road Joy Lighting System
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...we wonder if there might be a wavelength (color) of light that would improve the liklihood that drivers in its influence would be more polite?

We speculated that it might be that shade of blue common in Renaissance paintings of saints.


4/11 -- we've kicked colors around for a bit, and perhaps blue isn't the right shade. I'm rather partial myself, to the golden light that falls near the end of the day. So perhaps we could call this 'Golden Hour Lighting.'

agentv, Mar 08 2000

Sque? http://negativland.com/squant/index.html
[reensure, Mar 08 2000]


       This theory suffers due to the fact that this shade of blue is close to the cast of those new blue halogen headlights that annoy the piss out of other drivers.
l2g, Mar 08 2000

dnm, Mar 08 2000

       Every streetlight should be replaced by a bright light shining onto a disco ball. Some of these streetlights would also have the rotating disk of different coloured gels between the light and the disco ball. Now that would make sitting in traffic jams slightly more bearable!
hippo, Mar 08 2000

       v -- when it rains, would it be called "Golden Shower Lighting?"
danrue, Jan 19 2001


       The "we" comes from the fact that ideas like this don't come from my mind alone, but those of many other strange individuals around me.   

agentv, May 07 2002


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