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Red Tide Wall

architecture and design meet nature..
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As an architect, I have always loved clever design and function. When this criteria gets you closer to nature... It's great, right?

I have tought some time ago to propose a red tide wall on a project near the beach in California. The idea is like this:

A transparent wall, dividing say, the kitchen from the living room formed by two thick tempered glass sheets. Between this two glasses there is salty ocean water, that keeps a dense planckton population.

I think thet que equipment for salt water aqcuarium can sustain the plankon life. There should be ways to feed and give propper care for this organisms.

By daytime this wall from cealing to floor apears just like a transparent glass divison, but by nightime, jets of water revolve the organisms and they emit light, thus having a bio-luminicense living glass wall inside your habitat.

It will glow a blue-greennish light, and will be like wathcing a fire on night time... hipnotizing and beautiful.

noyola, May 21 2009

Bactrian http://www.thehatch...s-about-camels.html
Where'd my fish go? [pertinax, May 24 2009]


       Why you would call this the red tide wall escapes me. It has such negative conotations.   

       Dense plankton (i presume planckton has something to do with small marine organisms that operate at the planck length) population and transparent are usually mutually exclusive.   

       Presuming you want to keep your vivarium healthy, you will be pumping and filtering. Both of these operations either eliminate your effect, or activate it in places (eg the sump) where you don't want it.   

       Other than that. A wall of fluid, organic light, WOW! Give it wheels so I can divide my living room/bedroom from my kitchen/toilet from my study/garage, at will, and I will buy.
4whom, May 21 2009

       [4whom] SO- you are into minimalist architecture! hehe- Thanks. How to keep plankton alive and glowing goes beyond my knowlegde... But I'm shure there must be a way.
noyola, May 21 2009

       Can you also make it generate oxygen and purify the air? That would be a helluva lot better than an Ionic Breeze.
DIYMatt, May 22 2009

There is a fish which lives in symbiosis with a bactrium that glows when enough of them grow within the fishes specialized organ. It then uses this glow to mimic the effect of stars from above along its underside as camouflage for night hunting.
In the day time the fish burrows into the ocean bottom to sleep and excretes just enough of the bacteria to stop them from glowing but not enough to keep them from multiplying back to critical glow mass the next night. A study of these fish should let you build a working replica of these conditions.

       I wish I could find the link but no luck yet.   

       //fish which lives in symbiosis with a bactrium// Now there's an odd couple - camel meets fish. I'm thinking of a small glass bowl wedged betwen the humps. I'm seeing a very long, curly drinking straw. I haven't seen what's in it for the fish yet.
pertinax, May 24 2009

       Heh, it's the only way they can try ungulate.   


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