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Shanks Anvil

Toilet anvil
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Shanks are a major manufacturer of bathroom and toilet ware in the UK. The Anvil is the latest edition to their range.

Made of solid steel it weighs 250 lbs., so a reinforced floor is a judicious prerequisite prior to installation.

There are several advantages to the Anvil over the conventional toilet:

For those who like to linger, there is the primary function of being able to pound out the odd piece of repoussé and for this a small set of hammers are provided.

When you sit on the Anvil, you can delight in its great polished horn reaching out in front of your straddled legs. This also stops your trousers or skirt etc. from crumpling up and dragging unto the floor, making it most suitable, and totally vandal proof, for installation as a public toilet.

Domestic version, with wooden seat shown in illustration.

xenzag, Jul 04 2006

Shanks Anvil https://picasaweb.g...5468870723493103474
Shanks Anvil [xenzag, Jul 04 2006, last modified Jul 10 2012]


       ! What a very odd idea - but the picture is excellent.   

       Possibly an addition of a magazine /newspaper holder to the end of the Great Polished Horn* for hands-free reading would be an option.   


       * I think the Horn requires capitalization.
monojohnny, Jul 04 2006

       [xenxag], nothing is vandal proof. i think at one point in one of the recent garage door security ideas some one mentioned carrying around cutting torches?   

       also, i know from experience that using an anvil in the customarily accepted method involves gouging it over time into a finish that people would be uncomfortable sitting on. the gouges and dents would also make it harder to disinfect.   

       it looks cool though, so i'll abstain from a vote.
tcarson, Jul 05 2006

       So, not a gadget for forming shoes for Shanks' pony?
coprocephalous, Jul 05 2006

       I'm guessing it would be awfully cold.
moomintroll, Jul 05 2006

       //I'm guessing it would be awfully cold// not with the wooden seat down.
xenzag, Jul 05 2006

       I would hate to encounter that thing staggering into the toilet drunk.   

       But after looking at the picture, I expect that this thing would be VERY popular in certain parts of town.
Galbinus_Caeli, Jul 05 2006


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