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Redesign The Zeppelin ... as a giant rugby-ball

or a football if you are American
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You'd need giant machines to play the game. A reengineered Zeplin would be the 'ball', and should be slightly heavier than air. The play area should be some large defined area with interesting obstacles like abandoned tower blocks.
There would be the same number of aforementioned giant machines on each side, perhaps five or so. Their construction would be essentially unspecified, although to keep it interesting there could be a requirement for a minimum height of center of gravity. There could be a large crew for each machine.
The objective would be to score goals by bunting the zeplin into the opposite teams goal area.
Loris, Jun 29 2005

With apologies to... Redesign_20The_20Zeppelin
[Loris, Jul 31 2005]


       I'd like a rugby ball that looks like a little zepplin. How nice!
daseva, Jun 29 2005

       I think american footballs look like crewcut hair vs. rugby balls looking like a mop top. So, since the Beatles played Hamburg early on, and the US just recently got over the mania, um..what was the question?   

       OH! I remember! A croissant for you, but only if each crew member will be required to maintain a blood alcohol level of .20% at all times. Roll out the barrels, and game on!
moPuddin, Jul 31 2005

       How about a Demolition Dirigible Derby? First one to go up in flames loses!   

       (Much) more seriously, construct frame spars from rigid inflated tubes, shroud the engines, and go nuts. Mount a spear on the nose and another on each flank. Lifting gas should probably be helium, in spite of the the crowd-pleasing possibilities of a horrendous fireball.
elhigh, Aug 11 2005

       Loris, I don't like you. You're making me go against all my principles. I hate rugby because it's essentially overweight people sitting on each other, and I hate American Football because it's the same thing only they get scared and wear padding, and it's called Football even with a distinct lack of the ball touching the feet. But I quite like your idea. Damn you. Hmm, perhaps a game where all the rugby players and American football players in the world take on the giant robots. Squish.
quaero curvus, Aug 13 2005

       If you are gonna do this do it right! Fill em with hydrogen have a few team members with flame throwers extra points if you hit the c4 explosive tied on the back. Of course the dirigible would have to have the most flammable skin that you can think of.
JNK, Aug 13 2005

       That would be the Hindenburg model right?
gardnertoo, Aug 14 2005


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