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Redneck Hair Salon

When price matters and the haircut doesn't
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The first hair salon devoted to the needs of rednecks everywhere. There is no more embarrassment when they enter Supercuts and request for awful haircuts to mimic their 80s Heavy Metal heroes. There is no rinsing or coloring allowed. There are only a few basic hairstyles offered: 90s mullet, classic mullet, post-modern mullet, mullet and thin moustache trim, combination rat tail/mullet (only $2 more)... Instead of selling hair styling products, it's strictly Poison and Megadeth T-Shirts.
JimmyPiper, Aug 18 2003


       "How you like it?" asked the barber.
"Real fine," said the redneck. "But how 'bout makin' it jes a little longer in the back?"
thumbwax, Aug 18 2003

       Directions to the salon would include the phrase: "turn off the paved road."
JimmyPiper, Aug 18 2003

       'Haircuts while-u-wait'
forklift, Aug 18 2003

       Redneck Hair Salon refers the toolshed out back--you'll never get a redneck to pay for what they get for free. But your description refers to the Buttrocker Hair Salon. They'll pay big money, but they don't ever get embarassed anywhere, because they think they have the coolest style of all, and the rest of us secretly envy them, but are too afraid to "push the limits, man" and be like them.
oxen crossing, Aug 18 2003

       Apart maybe from the name (you ain't gonna get many redneck customers in a "hair salon"!), in what way is this not Widely Baked?
DrCurry, Aug 18 2003

       The special 'tanning booth' in the back lets city dwellers achieve an authentic looking scarlet nape.
krelnik, Aug 18 2003


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