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perfect hair

molecule-sized robot-razors cut your hair for you
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Miniscule robots programmed to keep your hair at whatever length you want are fixed to the end of each hair on your head (or elsewhere). Never go to a barber again! Spend your newly-freed up time writing novels and composing jazz symphonies!
mrthingy, Aug 24 2000

or bacteria http://news.scotsma...ch.cfm?id=996272006
[mrthingy, Jul 16 2006]


       I'm so confused. And about having little razors attached to your hair: owie? You still have to wash it and brush it and lay on it and blah, blah, blah. And besides, I like getting my hair cut (just not by my mother ::shiver::).
ichinichi, Jun 12 2001

       ichinichi: the devices would be microscopic and thus unnoticeable. You would not need to wash your hair. the devices would also remove impurities.
mrthingy, Aug 30 2001, last modified Sep 22 2001

       Two questions:   

       1) Is this scalp-hair only, or will these trim my beard and other areas with unwanted hair?   

       2) If they can 'remove impurities', can they clean the rest of me?
Zipwow, Aug 11 2003

       1) You can put 'em wherever you want. 2) Yes.
mrthingy, Aug 12 2003

       3) Is there any danger of them getting on the carpet?
Worldgineer, Sep 17 2003

       6) Are they itchy?
Worldgineer, Sep 18 2003

       What would us baldies do if one of these affixed themselves to the wisps of hair at the back of our heads?! I haven't been to a barber in the last 5 years! Sniff! :(! Hair, ohh hair... anything to get my lush head of hair back!..
anonymous_coward, Sep 18 2003

       These are such blue-bootie annotations! I'm with ichi: I like getting my hair cut. I love having people play with it.   

       I still fondly remember one man who used to stroke it, though he was never a major factor in my life.   

       Perfect hair is a wonderful concept. But my concept of perfect hair is hair that never needs washing, never smells like pizza, always looks as straight or as curly as its owner wants, grows as long or short as its owner wants, and never, ever ever sprouts grey hairs.   

       And changes color whenever the whim strikes. (Tonight I'm a redhead, whoopee!)
grecosartre, Sep 18 2003

       3) A small danger, but they're microscopic so it wouldn't really matter. 4) No. 5) No, they're programmable. 6) Do the ends of your hair ever itch? If so, you are probably some sort of alien.
mrthingy, Jul 09 2006

       it's taken [mrthingy] three years to come up with that answer, pausing for breath? - is that a record?
xenzag, Jul 09 2006

       hmmm...[mrthingy] //fixed to eslewhere//.... Where would that be?   

       <expects to wait 3 years for answer>
xandram, Jul 09 2006

       <fixed to eslewhere//.... Where would that be?>   

       Any hairs on your body that you choose, as indicated in the previous postings.
mrthingy, Jul 16 2006


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