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Reflective/Glowing Gravel

As the cities make gravel for the roads, they add bits of reflective and glowing materials into it, making it easier and safer to travel on night roads.
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Have you ever been so tired/drunk/hungover/high/etc... driving home or to somewhere, and all that guides you on the road is the white lines or reflective guard rails? Well, dont you think it would be a great idea if the roads were lit up with reflective bits so that the whole road lit up like the guard rails and white lines? ... come on, you love it!
DiRusso, Dec 31 2000

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       Then the white lines would be more difficult to see, and you'd have trouble staying in your lane.
PotatoStew, Dec 31 2000

       Could make the lines black, but it'd still be more difficult to stay in one lane...
StarChaser, Dec 31 2000

       I think it would kinda blind you if your were high or drunk as your eyes get a little sensitive to bright light """I wear Ma Sunglasses At night""""""
jakobe, Oct 01 2001

       I was hoping you meant, make the shoulder gravel reflective but keep the road matte...thus making a huge "white line" effect, as well as allowing motorcyclists to notice gravel patches. I'd croissant that, despite the obvious drawbacks.
white, Mar 18 2003

       Croissant, but mainly for [white]'s development on the idea.
lostdog, Mar 18 2003

       My grand-uncle invented the original "cat's eyes", the self-cleaning reflective markers.   

       Nowadays, road markings, signs and a host of other things are also reflective and that's a great help in the fog or on unlit roads.   

       One problem with changing road standards is the cost of retrofitting all the roads we already have.   

       Your idea does have application, though. Reflective gravel could easily be made from reflective material chips mixed in with conventional gravel and used in gravel driveways and other off-road applications.
FloridaManatee, Mar 19 2003

       Grand Uncle?
Skinup, Dec 23 2003


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