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Refrigerator House

Become a really healthy society.
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Make all refrigerators look like houses. That way everyone will be reminded that using the refrigerator has rules like using the house. Other levels of metaphor are that snow is more like food, and ice is more like candies. The body is mostly the healthy stuff you see in the bottom, and the head which is the freezer contains delicious ice-cream. Regulating the Refrigerator House encourages children to find alternate ways other than eating snow to get at the ice candies they are always thinking about. After all, ice creams are foods especially with nuts.

Household tip: stand behind the refrigerator because it's warm.

rcarty, Dec 15 2014


       But don't stand TOO close; the heat needs to escape from the coils to let more heat from inside get out.
And if every house was as well insulated as a fridge, it would cut down on heating/cooling bills.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 15 2014

       Actually, my refrigerator has hot air that blows out from the bottom, so it would make sense for me just to lay on the kitchen floor to stay warm. But then again, I wouldn't be able to reach the food, so I might starve. But if there was a tornado, the refrigerator house might fall down on me. Then what am I going to do? Now I am afraid to go home...
xandram, Dec 15 2014

       I don't believe the category product:weapon:ice and snow appropriately supports this idea.   

       But I don't have any better suggestion to offer - wait a minute, let me look...   

       How about - Home:Door:Access Control or Vehicle:Personal Sphere ?
normzone, Dec 15 2014

       I'd rather give a bun for [rcarty] published an idea which I can understand. But still it's not good. If my fridge looked like my house it would be strewn with boots and dirty laundry and bones which the dog did no longer deem worthwile and dust from the firewood piles and ...   

       That's Thursday to Tuesday. Wednesday the cleaning lady comes and restores order and shiny surfaces. But she leaves alone the fridge, being the most sanitized area in the house. I wouldn't want to jeopardize that.
Toto Anders, Dec 15 2014

       How about Other: General?
the porpoise, Dec 15 2014

       It would be good to have houses or at least rental units where you expose the entire house just by opening the front door. You can then clean up the entire house with pressure washer, no matter what trash and stench the evicted tenant left behind.   

       Now that was simple.
popbottle, Dec 16 2014

       I thought this was just a small, cold house. I was about to say that this is very definitely baked, the refreshingly well- ventilated end-terrace I lived in for undergraduate would qualify. We were forced to drink the beer in case it froze.
bs0u0155, Dec 16 2014


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