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Reindeer Longbrella

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it rained the other day and I saw lines of school children navigating the sidewalk holding hands in groups of 3 or 4 getting rained on. They did not have umbrellas and I thought if they had a long umbrella they could all stay dry and organized.

In my mind there is an image of an umbrella that is shaped like half a hot dog bun turned on its flat side with a stick in the front for the first person to hold and a stick in the back for the last person to hold.

the two person version could have reindeer antlers

vfrackis, Sep 14 2010


       I like it.   

       (And did you mean "Longbrella"?)   

       Maybe better called a "Crocodile Longbrella"...
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 14 2010

       Oh I did mean Longbrella gonna change it.   

       Could be a Crock or a Ladder Firetruck
vfrackis, Sep 14 2010

       I picture something like <link>
mouseposture, Sep 14 2010

       Yes a Dragon exactly
vfrackis, Sep 15 2010


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