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Smart Brolly

Umbrella Internet
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Knowing whether to take your umbrella out with you is one of the first world problems that needs an elaborate and unnecessary novelty solution : and here it is :

1. The Umbrella is a thing connection to the internet-of-things (say 3G?) - it also has GPS.

2. It peridiocally (configurable) checks the internet for the local (location-based from it's GPS data) weather.

3. Using an e-ink display on its handle : it should the show the estimated chance of rain. If the chance is high (configurable) it should also glow red or something.

Then when you leave it in the hallway - you'll have an idea of whether you should bother taking it with that day.

Or: buy a smaller 'dumb' umbrella which isn't that burdensome to carry around. Or check the weather on your smart phone first.

monojohnny, Jan 16 2014


       You've defeated your idea with the last paragraph...I was starting to like it.
xandram, Jan 16 2014

       You could have a projector unit included, so it projects an image onto the interior surface of the brolly. Need a silvery-white interior surface for best effect, of course.
Vernon, Jan 16 2014


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