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Relationship Idea Box

Submit Ideas To The Relationship Anonymously (Or Even Nonymously)
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This is sort of an adjunct to the Relationship-O-Meter. Basically this would be a box similar to one that you find at Denny's or in some workplaces. A person could fill out a card, anonymously if they wished about things that could be done to better the relationship. Either party in the relationship could enter ideas. And then maybe once a week or month they could sit down and empty out the box and read the ideas aloud. Since parties could enter anonymously this could help eliminate any potential repercussions of volatile ideas. And of course they would have to be unable to recognize each other's handwriting as well.
dgeiser13, Oct 13 2000

just a tip http://www.justatip.com/
Anonymous tip web site. They should implement Jutta's "chaff" idea. [egnor, Oct 13 2000]


       I must be missing something. If I didn't write the suggestion, it's obvious that the other person did. Are we talking about more than couples here?
centauri, Oct 13 2000

       The anonymity problem could be fixed by selling a set of random, volatile submissions along with each box. Partners decide themselves whether or not a suggestion they haven't seen yet applies to their relationship; if it's too umpleasant to face, they can always imagine that this one came with the box.
jutta, Oct 13 2000

       centauri be smart
dgeiser13, Oct 15 2000

       You could also let friends of the people in the relationship enter suggestions. This would be helpful in its own right and would add to the "chaff".   

       Non-participants in the relationship might have some insight born of being able to observe from the outside. Or they might just have suggestions like "stop using baby-talk in public!"
wiml, Feb 20 2001

       I like wiml's idea of letting friend's make suggestions. "Jane: have sex with mrthingy numerous times." "John: give mrthingy $500."
mrthingy, Aug 02 2001


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