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Pocket Warm Fuzzy

Thinking of You
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Give your loved one the ultimate gift of a Pocket Warm Fuzzy Device. When you're apart and you want to let them know you're thinking of them, simply push the button on your matching PWFD, and their PWFD will glow and emit a warmth. They can then reciprocate by pushing their button.

Works across countries, when a phone call just isn't possible. Also good for parents to give their kids, when they're having a hard day at school they can discreetly have warm fuzzies from their mother without suffering the humiliation of being hugged in public.

Helium, Jun 24 2002

(?) A warm fuzzy tale http://www.emotiona...eracy.com/fuzzy.htm
The original warm fuzzy story [madradish, Jun 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

A warm fuzzy http://www.hubbe.ne...saved/example1.html
virtually baked [FarmerJohn, Jun 25 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

A buzzy handshake http://www.wired.co...,1382,52078,00.html
Semi-baked but along the same line of thought [Mohhomad, Jun 27 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Hugms http://www.mobjects.net/hugms/
Hug-transmission thingy [5th Earth, Feb 26 2005]


       Won't catch me being the voice of logic on this one. Croissant.   

       Now let's make it work.
phoenix, Jun 24 2002

       I guess you didn't like that vibrating pager we bought you for Christmas.
jurist, Jun 25 2002

       what a lovely thought H.
po, Jun 25 2002

       I like the story, I love the idea. I'll give you a croissant when you give some idea of how to implement it.

       How about cold pricklies to give to your ex so that they'll know when you're thinking evil thoughts at them?
madradish, Jun 25 2002

       If by chance a phone call *were* possible, this could just be reduced to an add-in module for cellphones that would cause them to suddenly sprout soft fur all over, grow warm, and shiver violently. When the "fuzzy IM" ended, the phones would simply retract their fur and fall silent.
jester, Jun 25 2002

       I like it. Croissant.
fraggle, Jun 25 2002

       I love this! Soft, warm pastry for you.   

       // add-in module for cellphones that would cause them to suddenly sprout soft fur all over //   

       Isn't this the new landing device for NASA probes? Land safely on an alien surface by sprouting soft protective fur. Maybe even fit in with the aliens that way.
sadie, Jun 25 2002

       Cute little idea. Possibly a little too cute for me (unless you develop the extreme version in which your other half gains the ability to set fire to your pockets).   

       Hey, fraggle. Long time no...
...well, anything really. My bad.
st3f, Jun 25 2002

       In addition to glowing and becoming warm, there should be a model available that becomes erect.
waugsqueke, Jun 25 2002

       ...and vibrates? Ick.
sadie, Jun 25 2002

       Aww, warm fuzzies all around. Helium, you get a warm croissant, too.
XSarenkaX, Jun 25 2002

       "Are you happy to see me or has your mistress turned on a fuzzy in your pocket?"   

       One of my buns to you, warm but not fuzzy.
FarmerJohn, Jun 25 2002

       Now that you've already ventured into the seedy side - I was thinking that a lustful thoughts one would probably burn a hole right through your pants, thus producing red marks similar to love bites. Even better if the red patch formed the initial of the sender's first name. Is that extreme enough for ya st3f?
Helium, Jun 25 2002

       still the same old Helium, <g>
po, Jun 25 2002

       Its the baseball bat thing thats got me worried, and I can't work out why.
croissant though.
IvanIdea, Jun 25 2002

       Helium: Possibly too extreme, but thanks.
st3f, Jun 26 2002

       The Japanese have had panties with a pocket for a vibrating pager for at least 5 years now. How did they lose the war?
pfperry, Jun 27 2002

       It was more than five years ago?
angel, Jun 27 2002

       ... so there I was, walking around in my cowsuit when suddenly I got branded from the inside out.
thumbwax, Jul 01 2002

       And how are all you button pushers today?
thumbwax, Jul 29 2002

       LOVE this idea...   


       *turns oven to 375*
brokenpunk, Feb 12 2004

       Warm, fuzzy croissant for you. Though its a good kind of fuzzy, not mold ;)
ghillie, May 11 2004

       Easily bakable. Add a slot to hold a SIM card and activate it by SMS. Warmth and happiness worldwide at 10p a go. [+] (But don't use it when your loved one's in the tropics.)
wagster, Nov 05 2004

       Appears to have been sort of baked. See link.
5th Earth, Feb 26 2005

       Aw. Disappointment at how many people have made this sweet idea very dirty. Tut, tut, tut. Anyway, a croissant for you, which is glowing with warmth as we speak. Bless.
bookends, May 05 2006

       I want one!
piratemeggy, Jan 23 2009

       I just would like to know how this would work across countries.
ElVale, Jan 23 2009


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