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Relocation of Israel to Vancouver Island B.C. Canada

Israel could be relocated... We have the technology ...We could rebuild it.
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The creation of the great state of Israel was well thought out in many ways.However it was placed in an area that could only create global instability in the future. Instead of fighting the many conflicts that will continue, I propose that Canada donates Vancouver Island to the Israelites. They could dismantle Jeruselum stone by stone, number them, and block by block rebuild it in sunny Sidney ( a nice town on the southern shore of the island. ) The trade with America and Canada would be financially beneficial to all concerned. Canada would be well regarded by the international community for this peace offering gesture. We would have to make reparations to the citizens of the island, especialy the noble First Nations people. This could be paid by an international fund for the relocation of the Israelites. I am aware of the geographical importance of the middle east to the Israelites. BUT the only thing constant in life is change and maybe the trade off ( a move toward peace )might now be worth it to the average Israeli citizen. I close this suggestion with an assurance to all the parties involved, I mean no harm... Jim.
kwkwkw, Mar 18 2003


       Wouldn’t Arizona be more reasonable?
pluterday, Mar 18 2003

       Thank you for your attention and comment to my Idea... but no, Arizona would not work because it is a free state. The introduction of the Israelites would destabilize the state,changing local governments generaly causing too much strife. Canada would/could make the Vancouver Island a gift to the Israelies Canadian politics would stay the same. I dont think your Arizona citizens could realisticaly be asked to give away their state... Jim
kwkwkw, Mar 18 2003

       Well, I was just thinking of the similarity of the climate, desert and all... But why do you think Canada would be willing to give away Vancouver?
pluterday, Mar 18 2003

       Its confusing ! Vancouver is a city on the mainland in British Columbia. Vancouver Island is the massive island 30 - 40 miles off the coast. Canadians would give this beautiful island away for peace... and because we can afford it. Yet this act of peace is not just sacrifice as the economic advantages of this neighbour would be very substantial... Jim
kwkwkw, Mar 18 2003

       But I'm not confused. (At least not about this!) The city of Vancouver is already serving as a replacement Hong Kong, while the people of Sydney might take exception to your idea, as would the people of Israel, who could move to Florida, if peace was all they wanted.
pluterday, Mar 18 2003

       Vancouver Island is home to about half a million people, whereas Isreal has about ten times that (correct me if I'm wrong). Lack of infrastructure, ecological disaster, not reasonable to move that many people around when their location is not the only problem, and Canada would not be willing OR able to afford it.
lintkeeper2, Mar 18 2003

       Apart from which, the non-Israelis who also lay claim to Jerusalem would be mightily pissed.
angel, Mar 19 2003

       (-) For all the right reasons. The Jewish people created (or had others create) Isreal because they believe it is their 'chosen land'. I doubt that any of them could say the same for Vancouver Island, which has less than 0.5% Jewish population.
Cedar Park, Mar 19 2003

       Wouldn't the Arabs who are hostile to Israel then simply want to build lots of ICBMs?
PeterSilly, Mar 19 2003

       In which case [Rods] idea becomes even more attractive. Two for the price of one.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       What have you got against the Iraquis all of a sudden ?
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       [UB] - Northern Ireland is a beautiful country, lots of hills and green fields, sparkling streams. I would hate to see all that landscape obliterated. I understand New Zealand also has some stunning scenery.
PeterSilly, Mar 19 2003

       Muslims might be miffed.
my face your, Mar 19 2003

       // Vancouver Island is also possessed of stunning scenery //   

       I understand this to be the case from the many attractive postcards I purchased and send during my visits. Sadly, I was not personally stunned by the scenery as it was cunningly concealed behind thick curtains of lashing rain, alternating with dense banks of fog.   

       According to the natives (easily identifiable by their webbed feet), my mistake was to visit during the rainy season, which runs from early January to late December every year.
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       The author clearly is ill informed of the situation.
waugsqueke, Mar 19 2003

       //Canadians would give this beautiful island away for peace... and because we can afford it.//   

       Can I have it? I promise to be peaceful.
beauxeault, Mar 19 2003

       On the other hand, if we gave Israel and Palestine to the Canadians, that might calm things down a bit, eh?
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       No, I think the Canadians would get all neurotic from missing all the trees, and the rain, and the bears, and more trees, and more rain, and more endless bl00dy trees, uphil, in the rain, until you get to the top, where all you can see is more rain clouds and trees for miles and miles and you start to wish for one sign of civilisation, just one, even a McDonalds would do and my God you've got to be desperate to wish for that .....   


       No, I don' t think the Canadians would go well in the Holy Land.   

       How about giving the Irish Jerusalem, and sending all the Israelis to Belfast, like [PS] suggests ?
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       // they are notoriously poor rock throwers //   

       This is true. The knowledge of fire and the use of stone tools is somewhat beyond most Canadians......
8th of 7, Mar 19 2003

       [8th] - //How about giving the Irish Jerusalem, and sending all the Israelis to Belfast, like [PS] suggests ?// I did? Does that mean they all move from Stanmore in Middlesex then?
PeterSilly, Mar 19 2003

       Actually, I was thinking of reforesting Palestine and blanketing the place with snow. Would certainly calm a few hot tempers.
DrCurry, Mar 19 2003

       Maybe we can all just move over one country. That way people won't have to go half way around the world. Sure that means you'd have some strange accommodations like fitting all of China in Vietnam, but I'm a bit jealous of all those trees in Canada (I'm in the US). Either that, or can I share Vancouver island with bozo or the Israelis? I'm pretty gentle as well.
Worldgineer, Mar 20 2003

       So if the Canucks want to help, they could _keep_ Vancouver Island and give it to the Palestinians. I bet they would become Canadian citizens en masse. If you are dirt poor and your house just got bulldozed, turning into a Canadian probably sounds pretty good. As far as rebuilding stone by stone, it sounds as though there is not a lot left there to rebuild.   

       And another strong point: tap the Israelis to pay for it! They want the Palestinians gone, and it would be a money saver for them in the long run. If Israel stopped paying after the Palestinians were gone, the Canadians could garnish their foreign aid from the US.
bungston, Mar 20 2003

       Well, I'll give a it croissant. But it's easy for me, I'm not a Canadian. Maybe everyone on Earth could contribute with a bag of cement and a new island could be built somewhere in International waters and the Israelis could move there. They're pretty good at building great things from nothing so I think it could work out. I don't think they could move Jerusalem with them, though. There are loads of other people with claims on the place.
PauloSargaco, Mar 20 2003

       We can move Israel to my house, as long as they bring snacks. I have a few spare rooms and the garden is pretty big.
sambwiches, Mar 20 2003

       Forget geography. These are your neighbours. This is your doorstep. That's what I always say.
pluterday, Mar 20 2003

       Damn right. Now everybody get the hell out of my personal page!
sambwiches, Mar 20 2003

       We Canadians have had a referendum on the topic, and decided that we are not really prepared to give away Vancouver Island at this time.
We feel that it would not be prudent at this particular juncture.
We could though be talked into donating some lovely pieces of real estate on or around the Canadian shield.
Furthermore we have decided to accept Beauxeault's application to immigrate to the island of Vancouver provided that he signs waivers of peacefulness, (in triplicate) and that he agrees to pay all applicable taxes on said peacefulness.

Good day eh. That is all.

       Sorry - didn't mean to barge in, but The Blues are beating The Reds - badly.
thumbwax, Mar 21 2003

       I think the idea relocating Jewish population to a cold island is on the right track. I have lived in Israel and knowing the hot tempers and nervousness of the people living next to hostile nations, it would be a great idea to take these hotheads to some arctic climate to cool down. If your all energy goes to keep warm you don't have time to fight wars. Maybe Greenland would be better option?
Pellepeloton, Sep 18 2006

       Or maybe another idea of swapping the population of Israel and Cuba? US would get a friendly neighbour and Cubans would get slightly better cars in return.
Pellepeloton, Sep 18 2006

       After doing more research I found that Haiti and Israel are very similar in population and size so maybe Haiti is better option for land swapping. Lot of Haitians speak French and are of African origin so they would be better off close to France and Africa?
Pellepeloton, Sep 18 2006

       why are we having this conversation as if this were a serious proposition? People with a half-arsed understanding and no connection to the real issues are wholly responsible for the present situation in the first place.   

       "I like this mob more than that other lot, so here, I went and made a decision" rarely ever works.   

       I say we fence off all the holy places and don't let anyone in until they all agree to behave. Send 'em to their rooms without their supper, so-to-speak. It's just as valid as any of the other half-arsed solutions I've heard touted about.   

       No offence to the author, it's just I'm really tired of everone chipping in with little gems of wisdom. I'm neither Jewish nor palestinian, and I'm hugely frustrated by it all, can't imagine what it's like for those actually involved...
Custardguts, Sep 18 2006


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