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States' Rights.(rites??)

A solution to the Texas problem...
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The USA should sell Texas to Mexico. Why not? Over half the people currently living in Texas are Mexican citizens anyway. The newly formed country would be named "Texico".(*NOT* "Mexass!!) We could then use the former Texas star on the American flag for Peurto Rico. The currency of Texico would be known as the "El Peso". After Texico defaulted on their payments to the US Treasury, the US would turn over possession of Texico to that big square flat hot dry place next to Arizona, resulting in the formation of "New Texicoco". The US flag star now reserved for that B.S.F.H.D.P.next to Arizona could go to D.C., in honor of John McCain. We wouldn't have to mess with the current 50 star field on the stars and stripes. And "guvna' dubya' bushlette" would then be an official New Texicocainer. bushlettes' no longer being a US citizen would mean we'd have a robogore(or gorobot) for President, instead of that mewling puke punk pinheadocchio puppet. I'm working on a similar proposal for Nude Hampsters(or Cow Hampshire, as it's sometimes known). Why not? Half the people living here are French Canadian citizens anyway. Whaddaya think, people?? NeXt: r U s S i A ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ..........................
medicinehorse, Jun 30 2000


       I don't know how I missed this one, medicinehorse. As a citizen of the B.S.F.H.D.P. next TO Aridzona, I must object to the notion of annexing Texico, it would only confuse the State leadership, who already think it is Texico. As for our star, it is the only proof we have that we are indeed a member of the United States.   

       Further, losing state status would cut off our chief source of revenue, highway dept funds, and toxic waste disposal, which means we'd have lousy highways and no jobs. On second thought maybe things wouldn't be too different after all.   

       Of course things might change after Aridzona becomes beachfront property.   

       p.s. I fail to find your annotation on annexing Mexico, unless you also go by waugsqueke.
Scott_D, Aug 30 2000

       Are you high? What kind of medicine are you using?
MikeOxbig, Dec 30 2005

       And give away the state that has the command center for NASA's operations!? How dare you!
quantum_flux, Nov 11 2007

       Why not just give the northern states to Canada and divide the other states to stay with the whole 50 stars thing?
Shadow Phoenix, Nov 11 2007

       I vote for donating Florida to Cuba - it's the least the U.S. could do to compensate for 50 years of sanctions!
harperolocito, Nov 12 2007

       I live in New Mexico.
monk, Nov 13 2007

       I don't live in New Mexico.
4whom, Nov 13 2007

       "The USA should sell Texas to Mexico. Why not? " The price might be in Dollars, and I don't think that China are willing Sellers.
4whom, Nov 13 2007


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