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Self-cleaning toilet

A toilet that cleans itself- Literaly
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Imagine a toilet with two levers, one to flush and one to wash.

The wash lever will take fresh water to run over the lip of the bowl, and the ouside as well. The base of the toilet will catch this water.

So if you slightly miss the bowl when you pee, you can flush the toilet and also clean it at the same time.

of course, this is not intended to eliminate the regular bowl cleaning...

noyola, May 18 2009

One of many self-cleaning toilet designs http://www.autosanit.com/indexeng.html
[loonquawl, May 18 2009]

Pishwasher Pishwasher
[phoenix, May 18 2009]

Here's my try at dealing with the problem _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
[normzone, May 19 2009]


       Self-cleaning toilets are widespread already (every high-way restroom i visited in the last few years had them)
loonquawl, May 18 2009

       Yes, the idea is not new... but what I poropose is a solid state self cleaning toilet.   

       Problem is: you make number one and sometimes when the steam chrashes in the water and small particles fly to the lip of the bowl, those can't be seen, but in some days will create the smell.   

       So, this will wash the outher lip of the toilet where this particles seat.   

       no moving parts, no electricity.   

       and as I pointed, this function is not to intended to eliminate regular cleaning-
noyola, May 18 2009

       The problem is that the bowl has a lip. The edge of the bowl should be razor sharp, so a flying drop must be on the inside, or on the outside.
bungston, May 18 2009

       [bungston] great point man, Thanks for bringing it. A good design will rule down this idea.
noyola, May 18 2009

       This would make a nice mood effect. Shine a blue light on it and let it run continuously like a waterfall while the other part functions normally.
Jscotty, May 19 2009

       //The edge of the bowl should be razor sharp,...//   

       ...and a self shutting seat.   


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