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Remote-Control Hands

All the benefits of hands without the clumsiness of elbows.
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You know when you reach for something carelessly and accidently knock something over with your arm? Now you need not have this problem. Remote-control hands would have a transmitter/receiver attached to each shoulder, to transmit the electrical signals from the nerves remotely to each hand, and to receive sensory information from them. A similar thing would be attached to each hand, to do the reverse. each hand would also be fitted with a device to keep it airborne (possibly some kind of rotor - let me know if you have any other ideas), and a rechargeable battery to power both these things. (The hands could recharge every night). The arms would have to be reattachable, though, to enable climbing etc.
Ozymandias, Sep 30 2003

The Hand - ooo er! http://www.smitheea...ils.cfm?Film_ID=213

Photo of Idea http://www.johncarl...m/addams/thing2.JPG [Cedar Park, Oct 21 2004]


       That's some Thing.
Cedar Park, Sep 30 2003

       <mother> Son, those hands will make you blind!</>
Tiger Lily, Oct 01 2003

       I am looking upon his works...   

       I despair...
theleopard, May 14 2008


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