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Remote Control Robo Hand

A third hand that can go where your other hands can't, or shouldnt.
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Like thing from the addams family, it's just a hand that lives in a box where it goes to recharge. You could program it to walk around on its fingers and speak in sign language. The control could be a cyber-glove with a radio transmitter. Strap a wrist watch cam on it and send it to explore your neighbor's garage.
jaksplat, Dec 14 2004


       hand shaped, remote control robot? Fairly well baked. There's even a mind-controled one.
ato_de, Dec 14 2004

       Ted Hughes' Iron Giant puts himself together starting with a hand - brilliant story.
po, Dec 14 2004

       The way I see it, you would only need 1 hand (in the cyber-glove) to control it, and the benefits of the hand being "remote" are numerous, Possible applications include Bomb-disposal, Nuclear Handling, Hazzardous waste, Vetenary surgary on cows, cleaning lavatories etc,etc.....
Minimal, Jan 03 2006

       Oh, Waldo...
humanbean, Jan 05 2006


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