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SprayOn Nervous System

Your new claw of destruction feels a little numb? Just spray on a little of this stuff, and you are ready for delicate grabbing, cuddling and slashing.
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Did you ever wonder how cyborgs can feel stuff touching their metal skins? - Well, they are probably using SprayOn nerves, the universal solution to enhance artificial limbs, numb smoker's legs, metal thongs and even car bumpers with an exquisite sense of touch, heat, cold and possibly smell. SprayOn Nerves consist of two components: an interface chip to an existing nervous system of the host that may for instance be latched on to the spinal cord. In addition to that, you got a can of a sprayable solution containing a mixture of sensors and self-organizing transmitters. After applying this mixture to a surface, it congeales, forming tiny spiderweb like structures. Make sure that the goo covers the surface thoroughly and extends to the interface chip. From here, the self-organization of the transmitter components starts into a tree-like structure capable of multiplexing and addressing individual surface regions. After a few minutes, during which the surface is subjected to a defined sequence of carefully placed stimuly, the interface is primed and knows how to translate signals from the SprayOn nerves into the nervous system of the host. Whenever the thin layer of SprayOn nerves wears off, or you have to replace parts of your mechanical limbs, just reapply a new coating.

Since SprayOn Nerves are also useful for patients suffering from spinal injuries or multiple sclerosis, or to zombies whose nervous system is rotting away, this could also be considered for the Health: Skin category.

TeaInTheAfternoon, Feb 12 2004


squeak, Feb 12 2004

       Good idea. I would want the smell sense optional though, a person putting this on his feet might find them unbearably rank.
Spaceman Spiff, Feb 22 2008


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