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Remote Controlled Jesus

For playing god
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Remote controlled cars, while being fun, have a very limited range of possible designs. And remote controlled toys seem only to get as original as dinosaurs, which no doubt walk jerkily and probably fall over a lot. Which is why I think a new remote controlled toy should be created - a remote controlled messiah... Toy jesus will be along the lines of a pino robot, with as smooth motion as possible, and will have inflatable boat feet to walk on water. Jesus has a bread and fish gun and is also a handy wine dispenser. He can also be pre programmed to carry out any sacreligious task that comes to mind.
fridge duck, Feb 23 2005

Aqua Pope by [benfrost] Aqua_20Pope
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       This made me laugh, Dridge, bun.
zeno, Feb 24 2005

       //and will have inflatable boat feet to walk on water//   

       I want a pair for my own amusement!
Pericles, Feb 24 2005

       How about a hovercraft chassis? Goes on land and water.
Knife Knut, Feb 24 2005

       I'm assuming the charger pack would be a crucifix?
AfroAssault, Mar 08 2005

       Perhaps the remote control would be shaped like a bible?
jaksplat, Mar 09 2005

       Well with a three prong outlet the feet could be the ground, one hand could be positive and the other negative. Hmm...the Passion RC?
MrDaliLlama, Mar 09 2005

       //You might like to alter your last sentence// Having just used the Google definition thingy I have been told that it can be sacrilegious to enter a church with your shoes on. If that is, then I have my suspicions that pretending to control the son of God might be the slightest bit sacrilegious
hidden truths, Apr 01 2005

       I'm amazed he doesn't exist already. Perwsonally, I'll wait for the voice activated version.   

       "Jesus, get me a beer!"
moomintroll, Apr 01 2005

       Joystick positions: kneeling.palms together fingers straight, fingers upwards , in front of nose, eyes closed. eyes closed with head bowed. head back arm outreached and upwards. doing a connect the dot pattern nose, belly, tit, other tit. and a spontaneous spasm of gibberish..
Sir_Misspeller, Dec 30 2008


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