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The wooly rampager

Super sized near indestructable replica RC Merino with a V8 engine.
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"I want one of these please Mr Spring Santa"


A high impact resistant radio controlled V8 Merino complete with wide flaring nostrils and a electronic ignition system.

Play with this toy upon the open countryside, or wind the neighbours dogs up.

skinflaps, Mar 17 2005

Baaaavaroooooooom! http://www.ansi.oks...merino/SAMERINO.JPG
Add a ignition system and a V8! [skinflaps, Mar 18 2005]

http://www.v8juice.com/ [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Mar 18 2005]

Prior Art of the motorised ungulates Cow-asaki
In a strange category, however.... [ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 18 2005]


       Take it to Wales and wind up the local desperados
scubadooper, Mar 17 2005

       I wish I knew what you wanted, I really do...   

       nothing to do with sheep, I hope.
po, Mar 17 2005

skinflaps, Mar 17 2005

       I will terrorise the poodles of Dulwich.
wagster, Mar 17 2005

       I don't think there would be much left of Dulwich let alone the poodles, with these tearing around [wags]
skinflaps, Mar 18 2005

       <smacks forehead> I could've had a V8.   

       Not sure if it would run on tomato juice[2 fries] might splutter abit.
skinflaps, Mar 18 2005

       On the Recent view, this came just before Upskirt Defense System and it felt a little out of kilt.
FarmerJohn, Mar 18 2005


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