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Replace your mouse with a bigger cursor

For those of you with a windows tablet only of course
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Jim is puzzled by the resistence in the media to accept windows based tablets. The main focus of the objection is that the UI will not work because it is impossible to get your fingers over all the little widgets...

Jim reckons that pc users have never stuck their fingers on a widget before so why should the start now.

Windows needs a set of tablet mouse cursors that can be picked up and moved with a finger instead of the mouse.

So the left and right mouse buttons you see on tablet pcs remain but the trackpad/nub is gone --- replaced by a mouse cursor that is touch sensitive.

This UI change is restricted to the OS (which provides the mouse) so all current windows applications will work --- touch free. Those that do accept touch input will work as well I guess...

(edit) For those tablets without mouse buttons the mouse cursor will have to be a bit bigger again to provide that functionality --- onscreen mouse. (/edit)

madness, Feb 09 2011

Ministry of Truth http://en.wikipedia...i/Ministry_of_truth
"serves an opposing purpose to that which its name would imply, being responsible for the falsification of historical events" [8th of 7, Feb 09 2011]


       I had a Fujitsu Lifebook touchscreen tablet about 6 years ago. It was brilliant. It had a mouse cursor, which you could manipulate by the touch-stick or by tapping the screen. You could configure the touch response in a number of ways - I set mine to left click on a single tap and right click on a tap held (stationary) for 2 seconds.   

       If a USB mouse was connected, that would work too.   

       Sorry for being a bit dim. How does this idea differ?
Jinbish, Feb 09 2011

       Doesn't --- just pointing out how the media can reshape history given about 6 years...   

       (edit) Changed my mind --- the difference is the stylusless touch.(/edit)
madness, Feb 09 2011

       Ah right. Fair play. There is the multitouch aspect though - that's a relatively new technology in the mainstream...
Jinbish, Feb 09 2011

       The part I can't figure out with the new style of tablet computers (I have a Fujitsu Stylistic slate-style) is the aversion to stylus input.
What is so bad about a pen input? It lets you rest your hand, gets far better precision, gives you input options (my Stylistic stylus has the pressure-sensitive tip and 2 buttons, the Wacom tablet stylus I use at work has the pressure-sensitive tip and 3 buttons as well as application-specific software and tilt-detection), and keeps dirty fingerprints off the screen. Multi-touch is about the only thing no-stylus gains.
(Sorry about the rant...)
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 09 2011

       The stylus is thought to be too complicated for everyday use --- you might drop it someplace...   

       Without the stylus at least one bit of the UI needs to get big enough to push around with a paw and that is the mouse cursor.   

       I was thinking that the 'cursor point' would have to spin so that it is always closest to the nearest screen edges (when it is within a couple of cursor widths).   

       Actually I think that this interface will look more sophisticated than the current crop of chunky touch UIs... Who really wants massive buttons that can be pawed by neanderthals?
madness, Feb 09 2011

       A stylus kills the cool feeling of controlling a computer with your bare hands. What would be nice is a combination of those brain-wave-sensing concentration games and a touch screen. For example: think right click and tap screen=right click. Think nothing and tap=left click. Hey wait, this deserves its own idea!
DIYMatt, Feb 09 2011

       People have been looking at and creating DJ applications for touch screens. Users of these touch DJ applications report less feel than the equivalent physical devices, such as a midi controller or CD/MP3 deck.   

       So it seems that there is more 'feel' when using physical devices, such as, keyboards, surface mice, air mice, trackpads, etc...   

       What is good about the touch interface is that there is no requirement for any peripherals --- although if you had them they would work better.
madness, Feb 09 2011

       // the media can reshape history given about 6 years //   

       The ones from the Ministry Of Truth can work even faster ...   

8th of 7, Feb 09 2011

       I refuse to vote for any interface idea that doesn't move us closer to me just shouting at the computer and then the computer doing what it's told without an argument.
DrBob, Feb 10 2011

       With Windows' accessibility tools you can accomplish just that, but your shouting has to be extremely specific.
DIYMatt, Feb 10 2011


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