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Silent Mouse

With Different modes
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Theres always that clicking sound....and its useful for the user - lets them know they've clicked it. However, sometimes its down right annoying for anyone else in the room...the constant clicking gets pretty hectic! I suggest creating a mouse with a silent option (similar to that on a mobile phone), whereby the all-so-familiar 'click' can be switched off...

me me I

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shinobi, Nov 01 2004

(?) buffalo silent mouse http://www.audiocub...A9Y8CFR-YWAodEQSKMw
just get a silent mouse and use the sound manager to turn on/off the artificial sound. [pixeltarian, Nov 24 2007]


       mouses click ?
mine doesn't.
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       Nor does mine. Perhaps the author is referring to the click sound that the computer (some) makes in response to a mouse button press. That sound can be turned off.
bristolz, Nov 01 2004

       [bris] I assumed that might have been the case, but as far as I know neither my PC or my mac do this.. and.. well.. I don't know how to turn the noise on either.
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       I'm with the noisy mouse crowd. Mine makes a faint click, but it's a mechanical thing and couldn't be 'turned off'. A device to dampen the mechanical clicks is obviously baked...see the interiors of the mice of [neilp] and [bristolz] respectively.
vigilante, Nov 01 2004

       I think he is referring to the mechancal clicks created by pressing doewn the buttons, and possibly the clicks from the center scroll wheel. For the wheel, it is actually very easy to take the clickiness out, by opening the mouse and removing a little metal wire thing. Also, for the buttons, one could easily replace the small clicky momentary switches in a mouse, with ones that don't click.c (+) for the idea though.
Face, Nov 01 2004

       Im talking about the mechanical click...which is ever so annoying!.. This concept is so not baked. I'm not talking about taking apart mouses and removing pieces of hardware, cause thats pretty DIY and rather unreliable ....not to mention uncommon pracice. What I'm talking about it reconstucting the mouse altogether, whereby there is no mechanical sound, but rather an audio one emitted by the computer, which can be altered via the desktop in a form of a 'different mouse-modes' option. me mei
shinobi, Nov 01 2004

       i know exactly what you mean bruv. ok people listen now. when the computer is off click your mouse and it makes and audible sound. thats why it's called CLICKING your mouse. a silent one would be my number one on shopping list. RESPECT. me me I
artificialeye, Nov 01 2004

       me me i
erm. so a silent button eeh? I really do think they've been done before, just not put into mouses. Frankly I've no problem with the little bit of clicking my mouse does.. now.. by clunky IBM/RSI keyboard clacking along at about 40db, that's another thing entirely.
neilp, Nov 01 2004

       Perhaps a bit tricky to do, I dunno. Mouse buttons are more complex than simple contacts, to preserve digital signal clarity in between states they use microswitch digital flip-flop circuits and try to minimize the amount of time spent in the 'half-pressed' state.
RayfordSteele, Nov 05 2004

       Tricky or not, this should exist. I've found a few silent keyboards designed for courtrooms through Google (which I will now consider buying), though no silent mice.   

       What's the whole me me thing about?
Worldgineer, Nov 05 2004

       How about designing a mouse with a piezo element as the "button". The element would detect button pushes by sensing the voltage, and it would be fed a brief voltage spike when the "click" was detected. The result should be a click which would not be particularly audible, but could very definitely be felt.
supercat, Nov 05 2004

       I have the strong impression that "artificialeye" is just a creation of shinobi, not that I have any way to prove it. I think we may have ourselves a slightly unusual form of troll, people...
david_scothern, Nov 05 2004

       No trolls here. Artificialeye was just a friend of mine who I introduced to the halfbakery, but he didn't stick around for too long - excuse the extremely late reply.
shinobi, Dec 28 2006


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