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Replacement for Dishwashers

Why aren't we using high pressure blasters?
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Well, when I was a kid (not long ago) I used to wash dishes at a restaurant using this high pressure water hose. You could clean almost anything in less than a second flat.

The main drawback, I am repeatedly told, is that water splashes everywhere. While a pro can learn to redirect it neatly, it doesn't make sense for common household usage.

What if you had a flexible plastic sheet covering the sink? Then you could stick your hands in there and wash things up. No extra machinery, nothing to break, no rinsing before stacking before taking it out again.

Another idea is to use pressurized air, which would eliminate the hazards of splashing, and remove one's need to dry the dishes. Just put it in and blast away.

Just a half baked idea. : p

Hamster Powered, Jan 19 2007


       I would like to replace my dishwasher with a tumbleweed dispenser.   

       Welcome [Hamster Powered], I like your user name.
hidden truths, Jan 19 2007

       In my mind you could also use this to handle radioactive material.   

       In my mind. [+]
theleopard, Jan 19 2007

       I was thinking the same thing - One of those isolation booths, with great big thick rubber gloves so that you never have to actually *touch* the washing up. In fact, it's so good, I'ma post it.
zen_tom, Jan 19 2007

       // My parents used to own a DW that was like a 45 gallon drum with a boat propeller at the bottom // God I wish we could bun the annos!
MoreCowbell, Jan 19 2007


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