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Request stop buttons

Press a button labelled with your stop (like an elevator)
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When you board this bus, you press a button labeled with the stop where you want to get off a route map, similar to an elevator. The route map shows you which stop you are at and which direction you are traveling in. When the bus approaches the stop which you selected, the driver is notified. Conventional "next stop" buttons would be provided for those who do not wish to use this system. This avoids the problem of missing your stop because the stops are closely spaced in your area, and ending up 3 stops beyond your stop. It also makes it easier to find a bus stop in an unfamiliar location.
andrewm, Apr 24 2007

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       I see the autoboner's been busy today. Well, I like this [+]
pertinax, Apr 24 2007


       Do you know that trick that some kids have for the elevator? (pressing every button).
Ling, Apr 24 2007

       Never had the pleasure of using public transportation, but this sounds like a good idea. [+]
Hunter79764, Apr 24 2007

       //Never had the pleasure of using public transportation// - what, never?
hippo, Apr 24 2007

       The other 'challenge' is that there may be many stops on the route - that's a long list of buttons to press. Notwithstanding the 'kids' problem (á la [Ling]), you'd need quite a nifty interface.   

       I suggest a map of the route, placed along the sides of the ceiling, that lights up as the bus traverses the route. It could be triggered by the driver or by a wireless transmitter at each stop. The lights would show the 'previous', 'current', and 'next' stops.   

       (I've not looked, but I'd expect that all to be baked somwehere)
Jinbish, Apr 24 2007

       [Jinbish] You're right. Many of the buses, trams and trolley buses here in Geneva have a screen showing the next four stops. It apparently runs on Windows XP: every now and again you see one with the "illegal action" error message.
Gordon Comstock, Apr 24 2007

       //Never had the pleasure of using public transportation// I grew up in a smaller town that only got public transport about the time that I left (and it didn't go anywhere near my house anyway), then moved to a bigger city that for some reason doesn't feel the need to have it. The closest I've got was taking a taxi home from the airport once.
Hunter79764, Apr 24 2007

       I used to ride busses in several cities, and even drove busses in one. I like this idea, especially as it would let folks see what stops were coming up.   

       Sometimes I didn't care which of two stops I got out at, and would have been happy to take either, if someone else wanted out. Sometimes I just wanted to nod off or read my book without watching to see when I should ring for my stop.
baconbrain, Apr 24 2007

       OK, so the bus is guaranteed to stop at your stop. What guarantees that you will notice? You can still easily sleep through your stop, especially if you pressed the button 20 minutes ago and have no need to be paying attention.   

       Plus, waiting for everyone who boards to fumble with their farecard and THEN study the button panel before proceeding - doesn't sound fun to me.
phundug, Apr 24 2007

       I'm not surprised that someone named [bigsleep] would thoroughly consider the ramifications of this idea :)
phundug, Apr 24 2007


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